Photographic Gear

For most of my life I have been a Nikon shooter, and much of what appears on this blog which was migrated over from my old blog The Photo Traveller was shot on a Nikon D800 with pro glass.

However, once I decided to become a nomad and travel the world as a photographer and travel blogger, I decided to sell my Nikon gear and move over to the far smaller, lighter Fujifilm X-series mirrorless bodies and lenses. My entire kit of 2 bodies and 5 lenses weighs around 6kg with 6 batteries and accessories.

Camera bodies:  Fujifilm XT2 and XE.  Lenses: 10 – 24mm, 18-55mm, 35 F1.4, 56 f1.2, 50 – 230mm.

I use a Lowepro Flipside 200 bag which is small and lightweight and fits all of my gear quite easily.

When we fly I actually put this entire bag into a bigger carry-on camera bag which also fits my Gitup Git 2 Pro action camera (a stabilized, brilliant camera equal to GoPro 4 at a third of the price).


For this trip I am also buying a small, foldable drone, the Zerotech Dobby so that I can shoot aerial stills and video of the destinations we visit.  The Dobby produces great images for its size and price of US$350, and is very advanced for such a portable drone.


I also fit my sound gear into this bigger bag – an external microphone, a small Samson radio mic

and a Zoom H1 sound recorder, which is great for recording all kinds of audio, including interviews, live performances and also making voice notes.

So everything photography or film related is in my carry-on, which also has my Macbook Air Ultimate (i7, 8gb, 512 SSD) in the outer pocket.

Akhona has her own Fujifilm X30, which is a cool, retro-looking camera with a built-in zoom lens. She loves it as it has a wifi transfer option so that you can transfer photo’s straight over to your cellphone for instant posting on the go.