Gearing up for the trip – travelling light…

When you have to lug all of your earthly possessions around with you in a backpack, it’s best to travel as light as possible. We have started buying the gear we need to make our travels comfortable without breaking our backs.

We have decided to not take sleeping bags with us, as we expect to not need them for much of our trip. Instead we purchased sleeping bag liners from Cape Union Mart

We are also taking with inflatable pillows which fold down to virtually nothing when not needed:

Of course, a towel is a necessity regardless. The only problem is that those luxury bamboo towels take up a massive amount of space, so we have opted for a hi-tec solution – the Swim Dry towel, which folds up really small when not in use and dries fast:

We want to shoot those ever/underwater split shots with our Gitpro camera’s, so we have also just bought the dome housing for our camera:  together with a few necessary accessories like a float-able underwater selfie stick.

The main challenge with travelling as travel bloggers and photographers is deciding what camera/video gear to take with, as one does not want to get stuck in a situation where getting a shot is not possible because a vital piece of equipment is not in your bag….But lugging around something that may only ever get used a few times in a year is also not ideal, so I need to work my way through my equipment bag and just exclude anything which is not absolutely essential. This is a learning curve for both of us, and we’ll adapt as we go along…

As Akhona will be vlogging quite a bit during our travels she has bought the best vlogging camera on the market  

As the G7x ii is not yet available in SA and costs a bomb, we managed to find the G7x i in as new condition for R 5 200 with an extra battery, carry case and gorilla tripod – bargain!


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Derek Antonio Serra is a photographer and filmmaker who has run several successful businesses in the film, tourism and advertising industries. He has recently embraced the nomadic lifestyle after selling his businesses and home. His passions are photography, travel and writing.