Our house is sold!

We accepted a cash offer for our home in Gardens this week by a Chilean couple. Once the deposit is paid by next Wednesday the deal is effectively sealed  πŸ™‚   This will be a relief, as it means that everything is going more pr less to plan. We sold the house within the range that we had planned for, which is great as it fits in with our financial planning going forward.

Once the transfer goes through and the funds are disbursed, our attorney will handle the purchase of my parents house, which we are doing to release the value of the property into their hands for the rest of their retirement. We will also have a base to return to every few years when we visit family and friends, so a win-win situation for all involved. It is a simple three-bedroom home in the working class suburb of Bothasig, where I grew up, on a 600m2 piece of land. It is ample for our needs going forward, and my parents will continue to live there for as long as they choose to rent free πŸ™‚  We have already improved the property by erecting a security fence and automated gate and installing a modern geyser.

Having the base will make our transition to the nomadic life a bit easier as of course we are facing a massive change in our lives, so having a familiar place to return to when necessary will result in less stress. We are also realistic about the situation regarding my parents – my dad is 90 years old, and my mom is not too far behind him, so it is inevitable that we will have to return home when one of them passes on. The cycle of life will not be changed by our travel plans…

We still have some possessions to sell, including two more cars, but if they do not sell now we’ll hang onto them and sell them when we make our next pit stop in Cape Town. We are now finalising our travel plans, travel insurance, foreign exchange, volunteering positions, etc. Our farewell dinner for close friends is on 12 August, and on 20 August we will have a farewell lunch with our family, prior to our departure on 24 August πŸ™‚  The adventure is about to begin, so watch this space!


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Derek Antonio Serra is a photographer and filmmaker who has run several successful businesses in the film, tourism and advertising industries. He has recently embraced the nomadic lifestyle after selling his businesses and home. His passions are photography, travel and writing.